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Whichever you need from your Web site everything will be included in a single package price.


The prices shown are payable for 3 years after which you will only need to pay for hosting and any on-going site maintenence you may require. There are no other set-up or one-time costs.


Every site is different, so the prices below are indications only.The actual price will depend on individual requirements.

Also, if you can supply the text for each page plus any pictures you want to be included this will usually reduce the price.


Level 1
 200 per year

Level 1 packages have everything that many businesses need for a fully featured website. All of the facilities outlined on the Package Details page are included.

Level 2
 350 per year

Level 2 packages are for websites that include additional features such as dynamic page generation, often requiring specific programs to be written.

Level 3
450 per year

Level 3 packages are for those sites that require database facilities. For example, this could include on-line customer details or the storing of customer orders in a database.

Level 4
800 per year

Level 4 packages are for those sites that require fully interactive database facilities plus a separate administration capability, such as for on-line booking or e-commerce.

Not certain which package you will need?

For many businesses a level 1 package will provide everything required. If you are not certain then please contact us to discuss your needs - there is absolutely no obligation. If you need to add facilities to your site over time you can always upgrade your package.