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Full Design & Hosting

Full Design and Hosting Packages - What You Get For Your Money

Select Internet offer comprehensive web site products - There are no hourly rates and no hidden costs

We have a choice of packages depending on your needs - Click here for details of the options.

Whichever package you choose everything shown here is included in a single price.

When comparing our prices please consider :

  • Is there a one time design fee? Select Internet do not charge to design or set up your site.
  • Do you pay extra for the inevitable updates to your site over time?
  • Does the price include site design, hosting and domain registration - not just for the first year but always?
  • Do you pay extra for facilities like e-mail, reports on the number of visitors to your site and support?

The Web Site

We will design a Web Site for your business. This can include photographs, your logo, maps (including links to Internet mapping services) plus, of course, details of your products and services.

Any changes to your site over time, such as changes in prices or new products or services, will be handled at no extra charge.


Once produced your Web Site needs to be made available on the Internet. We provide a professional hosting service with the cost included in your package price.

Domain Name

You will need a domain name (such as to be able to access your Web Site. We will register a domain for you at no extra charge.

You can have virtually any domain name (as long, of course, as it is not already registered by someone else) To see if a particular domain name is available just Click Here.

Search engines

Many people find Web Sites using search engines - by far the most popular is Google. Your site will be designed in a manner that it is accessible through search engines.

Other facilities

Other facilities such as e-mail are provided at no extra charge.

Technical support

All of the technical aspects of your site will be taken care of for you. However, we offer full support in case you have any problems or questions.