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Automated Backup

How Much Does It Cost

The cost is based on just two factors – the package you choose and the amount of data you want to back up.

Package options.

We offer a Standard and Advanced option. There are several differences between the two, but the main consideration is that the Standard Package can only be used to back up a single computer.

The Advanced Package can be used to back up any number of computers in any location – so you can also back up laptops, computers in other offices – even computers you use at home if you wish. Using the advanced package you can also define any number of backup sets, so you can have different backup schedules for different types of data.

Both packages will work with most versions of Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. The Advanced package will also work with servers and other operating systems, such as Lynux.

Amount of data

Before the data on your computer are stored they are compressed. This means that you will generally need less space on the backup servers that the same information occupies on your computer. How much the information is compressed will depend on the types of file you are backing up and can be up to 80%. However, an average across a range of types of file will usually be around 50%. So, with typical compression rates, 5 Gigabytes of backup storage will accommodate 10 Gigabytes of data.

You can check this for your individual mix of data by taking advantage of our free trial.


Amount of COMPRESSED data

Standard Package

Advanced Package

Up to 5 Gigabytes
Up to 10 Gigabytes
Up to 15 Gigabytes
Up to 20 Gigabytes
Over 20 Gigabytes
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All prices are per month.

Prices are not subject to VAT.


Payments are made quarterly in advance using electronic transfer, cheque or credit card.