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Computer errorWhat is SafetyNET?

SafetyNET is a fully automated on-line backup solution for your computer data. Setting the system up is simple and, once done, the software will take care of backing up your data. More important, the data are encrypted and sent via the internet to our secure data centre so you information is always safe.

How long does the backup take?

The first time you back up your system all of the data you have chosen to be included will be copied from your computer to our server centre. The data are compressed before it leaves your computer but even so you should expect a long backup run.

Once the first backup has been completed only changed and new data are generally uploaded. Also, unlike many systems, when large files are updated the software uses an advanced algorithm to upload just those PARTS of the file that have been changed. This considerably reduces the subsequent backup times.

Remember, if you are using Broadband (ADSL) the uploading speed (that is, from your computer to our servers) will be much slower than your downloading speed.

Will backups count towards my monthly transfer limit?

If your Broadband agreement limits the amount of data you can transfer each month, your backups will count towards your limit. This may not be a problem going forward but could be for the initial (full) backup.

Will I be able to restore individual files and documents or just the whole back-up set?

You can restore everything you have backed up or individual files or documents. The only exception is that, as e-mails are generally stored in a single file you can nor restore individual e-mails.

Is it possible to restore old versions of my backed up data?

You can configure the system to keep multiple versions of files and documents. This could be useful if, for example, you updated a document in error and wanted to return to a previous version.

It could also be valuable if for any reason a file on your computer became corrupt. Normally, if you did notice the problem until after your backup had taken place you would back up your corrupt file and so your backup copy would also become corrupt. By retaining more than one copy this risk can be avoided.

Retaining more than one copy does, of course, increase the amount of backup storage space you would need.

Why do some companies offer free on-line backup?

Commercial companies never give anything away for free without a good reason..

Some providers offer a small amount of storage capacity in the hope that you will soon find that it is not enough and upgrade to their full service. You may also get backup facilities from your Internet Service Provider (such as BT) as part of a package. In this case the service is not really free, but included as part of the package price.

If your requirement is to back up the pictures and some documents on your computer you should definitely consider the free services available. If your need is for a business class backup system these may not be sufficient.

Do you offer support?

We offer telephone and e-mail support. For most computer operating systems we are also able to use remote access software, where we can manage your computer remotely to help you set up the software.

If you require on-site support there is an additional change for this, unless it is needed due to of a fault of the system.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. We offer a completely free, no obligation, 28 day trial. During that time you will be provided with the necessary software and 10 Gigabytes of storage

Any other questions?

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