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Automated Backup

What Is Select SafetyNET

If you use a Laptop computer it is much more likely to be damaged or stolen, yet it is less likely that the information is backed up.
Backup your Laptop using a Broadband or WiFi Internet link from anywhere in the world.
Select SafetyNET is an affordable on line backup and restore system for your Windows PC or Mac computer. The advanced package can also handle server backups and other operating systems, such as Lynux.

The software automatically encrypts, compress and copies your data to our remote backup site so, if the worst happens, you can restore your valuable information easily and quickly.

After the initial backup, only those files that change are backed up. Combined with data compression this makes the backup process fast. What’s more, with most operating systems you can continue to use your computer throughout the backup process.

If you need to restore your data you can access it at any time, again using As with all Select Internet products, you pay a single price with no hidden extras and no set-up charges.

Why use Select SafetyNET?

  • Simple to install and set up
  • Automatically backs up your data at the times you choose
  • Make additional backups at any time
  • Back up Laptops from anywhere with an Internet connection (including wireless)
  • Backups are at a remote, secure location
  • Restore your data at any time you wish without delay
  • Multiple versions of backed up files are available if required
  • Backup data are encrypted and compressed on your computer for security and speed
  • Completely free, no obligation, 28 day trial